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Crank Up New Batch of Packers Tunes

"The recording of the song is an invaluable piece of Packers history that has been missing."
— Brian Murphy/ Lombardi documentary producer/ HBO Sports
In response to "Go You Packers Go" song release by Madera Music 
If you thought the golden era of Green Bay Packers music ended with the team’s back-to-back Super Bowl run in the mid-‘90s, well, not only would you be wrong, you’d be missing out on Titletown tuneage like "Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood."
— Kendra Meinert/Green Bay Press-Gazette 
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One of the major shortcomings of football is that the Packers only play once a week. To fill those empty hours between Sundays, Green Bay's Madera Music has released "Tailgate Tunes II,’” a compilation of new Packer songs. It's an up-to-date collection of Cheesehead anthems...
— Dave Tianen/The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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"Tailgate Tunes II" has gotten considerable attention... Wood and his first solo CD have been featured on ESPN, CNBC, (and) mentioned in USA Today…
— Sean Schultz/The Business News 
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For many years the anthem that signified the start of each home game for the Green Bay Packers, right after the Star-Spangled Banner, was the signature riff from Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, ushering in the intro to “Start Me Up.” And while the volumes of the locally-produced “Tailgate Tunes” CDs might not be as widely known as the Stones’ album “Tattoo You,” they are continuing to leave their mark on Packer fans across the state.
— Steve Arveson/The Denmark News 
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