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200+ winners at the 2014 Green & Golden Car Show

By Sean Schultz

The fans of the Green & Golden Car Show have voted. Among some 150 ballots counted, the "Best of Show" honor for the second annual event was awarded to The Lambeau Rescue Vehicle owned by Gary Kerkhoff of Freedom. Over 200 fans attended the 2nd annual show.

Kerkhoff’s 1992 Ford E-350 ambulance came from the Town of Gibraltar in 2012. After months of rehab, it boasts a green and yellow light bar, scene lights, piercing sirens, a 32” LED TV, and a 12-speaker stereo. And we can’t forget the much-envied swing-out handsome grill that nestles into the back bumper when they’re on the road, but goes wheels out for tailgating events. Its owners, Gary and Ginger, wear customized green scrubs to the tailgates.

The couple won the top prize of a pair of tickets to the Green Bay Packers season opener the day after the car show where the Packers sent the New York Jets back where they came from with a loss on their scorecard.

Runner-up went to a last-minute entrant, Sam Klimek, who showed up in the Packer Ambulance, a 1994 Ford ambulance wrapped in a Klemm Tank Lines logo. Klimek, nephew of Klemm president Greg Klimek, wheeled the lifesaver into the show grounds. The well-stocked ambulance features a tap beer hookup where the oxygen hookup used to be, and a real stretcher that’s only stretching job these days is to hold enough tailgate party beverages.

Walter Hacker's 1972 Buick GS "mean green and yellow machine" took third place in the show. The contender has hit 32 stadiums in the NFL as Hacker shows off his renovation work of 13 years. A late arrival at the show was the 1995 Ford Econoline converted cargo van called “The Packer War Room.” Taking the wheel for his annual opening game trek from Bath, PA, was owner Kenneth Kern.

The 2013 winner was in attendance again this year. Craig Lawniczak and Bruce Desotelle, brothers-in-law from Green Bay, proudly displayed The Big Cheese, a 1990 Thomas International School Bus. The pair provided crowd-pleasing tailgate music for the car show with the amped up sound system on their bus.

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